Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov Favs

I didn't have very many sessions in Nov in fact I only had 3 lol!!! I tried to spend most of this month just being with my kids!!! I even took 2 weeks off and did absolutely NO work SCORE!!! We didn't spend the entire month goofing off by any means we we're playing severe catch up with our school work!!! But any hoo here are my favs from my 3 sessions last month!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My fav's of Aug-Oct!!!

I've decided that I was going to go through all my session I have in a month and then pick my fav's!!! I needed to do something since my blog has been seriously neglected lol!!! So this month is gonna be kinda long since I'm gonna add basically anything since August 1st lol!!! Spare with me please I will get this under way eventually ;-D

Now I know that there are a ton of pics from the same sessions but what can I say it's so hard to choose when they all are SO good!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Mother in-laws passing

So Saturday the family and I loaded up the car with floaties, sunscreen and had our bathing suits on, we we're heading to the pool to go hang out with friends!!! All was great in our little world!!! We we're sitting at Sonic grabbing something to eat real quick before we made the 20 min trip to the pool!!! My hubby was all elated over Sonic bringing back cheddar bites he was practically bouncing up and down in his seat (no really he was it was super cute) when the phone rang... We both looked at the caller id and noticed the 620 area code, dread covered both of our faces : ( about 2 seconds later my husbands eyes were over come by tears, it was then that I knew his mother had passed... Connie has been sick for longer than I have known her, she's been fighting several sicknesses and it's been a constant battle for her... To say that it was unexpected, well in a way and in the other no... Yes she was very sick and in frail health, yes we knew that she most likely wouldn't see the kids graduate high school, did we expect that she would pass this soon NO, if we would have of course I would have called more. I would have sent her more pictures of the kids... We all know that life it way to short, we know to hug and tell the ones you love that you do indeed love them!!! But we are human we do get busy!!! I have family that lives 5 mins away from me that I talk to maybe once a month, and don't get me started with my sister, she's 2 hours away the best sister you could EVER ask for and I talk to her maybe every other month... This is unnecessary, we should talk every week at least, my sister would and has done everything in her power to help us. Including giving us some money to come up here so we could take care of all the business that a funeral entails... I Love you Sissy and I thank you for your generosity!!! When we found out we we're going to have to pay for the majority of the funeral needless to say I went into a silent panic... We make a decent living, but like every American we have bills and debt, to say that we can drop $3,000+ likes it's $200 is well just not feasible for us... Today was the day "D" day for us, today we find out just how much we we're going to have to get to cover the costs.... My husband went while I stayed behind at the hotel with the kids... He called me about 30 minutes ago and told me the news... Somehow and I still don't know how my mother in-law had saved up $3,200 in an account and it covered the costs of her funeral... Now while that might not seem miraculous to you let me explain. Connie made $500 a month yes you read that correctly $500 she had about $400 in bills every month before food so with $100 a month to buy food she had somehow managed to save that much money... It's reasons like this that I KNOW the lord is watching out for my little family!!! So the moral of the story call you Mom. Grandmother, Sister, Dad, Granddad, Brother or your cousin Bob call them and tell them you love them, and remember that tragedy happens and while you want the world to freeze in time it won't... The bills still need to be paid, you still have to eat, laundry will need to be done... Don't let grief take hold and make you stop living because they one that left you behind loved you, loved when you smiled so smile for them and know that they are happy and in a much better place!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Graham Family!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family and let me say they we're SO much fun!!! I can tell that I have found a life long friend with Mel!!! She's amazing and so is her hubby!!! Her kids are too cute for words and they had so much energy and we're a blast during the session!!! Here are some of my favs!!! There was way to many to put them all here lol (that should tell you how awesome they are)!!!