Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The woes of motherhood...

I can't be the only mom that gets frustrated and fed up, there are days where I think why in the hell did I get myself into this??? Don't get me wrong I love my children and don't regret them for a second but holy crap why wasn't I warned that it was going to be this difficult... that I would function with little to no sleep, that if I got a shower before noon it was a good day, that my idea of a romantic dinner with the husband would include chocolate milk corn dogs, chicken strips, grilled cheese and fries??? All this and being a military wife and for the 1st 6 years of our marriage I would also be in... I got out when our youngest was 6 months old also right when my hubbers left for his 3rd deployment in 6 years!!! Now while it's difficult to have my husband gone sometimes it's as difficult to have him home.... he's really my 4th and most difficult child, the other 3 manage to get their dirty clothes in the laundry room or in the basket in their room him um NO the floor where ever he is walking by lol!!! So even though I've been cleaning my house for the past hour I am still nowhere near where I want it to be!!! It's not to the point where I would be embarrassed if anyone came over, let me explain!!! The laundry room is full of dirty clothes, but there are 5 people in this family and both the washer and dryer are going... The sink has dirty dishes in it, but we cook almost every meal at home and the dishwasher is going.... There are crumbs on the floor but the baby is eating pop tarts!!! See all 100% perfect reasonable explanations why my house isn't spot less BUT do I listen to my own advice NO!!! I don't spend all day cleaning my house by any means I would much rather play with my children then clean, 1 day they won't want to play and then I can worry about the house all day : ( well enough of my mom rant I smell a stinky pull-up : /

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