Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ok I seriously can't be the only parent out there with to much going on picky kids and a husband that thinks good food it Taco Bell : / I am constantly trying new things and ways to weasel my kids into eating something besides chicken nuggets and fries with a side of mac and cheese lol!!! So I love chilli cheese fries no really like it's BAD!!! I would eat chilli cheese fries everyday of the week if I could (hey now every Mommy has to have some guilty pleasure I just happen to have 20 bawhahahaha) anyway my husband use to eat this meal in High School and they called it Trojan Treat (their mascot lol) so he made it one day and we've been hooked!!! You get any kind of frozen fries make them per the directions take a can of manwich  and make it per the directions when the fries are done dump the manwich on top of the fries add some shredded cheese throw back in the oven till the cheese melts 5-10 minutes wa-la a super simple easy yummy meal!!! I get my chilli cheese fries without the killer heart burn!!! Plus I'm super sneaky and I add celery and carrots chopped up really finely and add it into the manwich so they get even more veggies without knowing it ; ) Let me know if you try it or like it!!! Feel free to add any recipes you might know!!!


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