Monday, February 7, 2011


I get asked all the time about photography and how I do this and that!!! Well 1st thing I wanted to say is it doesn't matter how much your camera costs... You have a $30,000 camera and still take crappy pictures... I have taken some amazing photos with my P&S (point and shoot a little hand held camera that pretty much everyone owns nowadays) that have even won some awards : ) When I 1st started out I had a $600 camera and I totally rocked shoots I have since upgraded not because my camera was by any means bad I just needed a new 1 and I wasn't giving my assistant a better camera then me lol!!! So I'm going to post a SOOC (straight out of camera no edits nothing straight from my camera to here) then the edited version I will tell you everything I did to it!!! Any questions please feel free to ask!!!


  1. On the edited version I added an action which sharpened it just a hair and lightened it since I was going to be turning it b-n-w then I added a texture to the background and turned it b-n-w walla a ready to be printed and framed photo!!!

  2. Me too!!! Plus I think since they are all in vintage gear it just adds to it!!!